I’m Bobby Cole, your follicularly well-endowed biology person. Welcome to The Skeptical Beard, my woefully neglected blog space set aside for ramblings on various pseudosciences and woo. Sometimes I’ll share my misinformed opinion on politics or music or feminism while trying to maintain a sense of levity.

While I’m not a scientist, I am currently a science major on my second tour of duty through university. Give me another year or two, then we can start using my words as an argument from authority. It’s not a fallacy if I repeat myself, right?

Beware of my morbid obsessions like death rituals and parasitic infections. There might be the occasional gross-out post, but those will always carry a warning. I’ve learned that some people can’t stomach the sight of a hookworm being extracted from an eyeball or the decayed corpse of a sky burial. So… consider yourselves considered.



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