Call for action: It’s time to March Against the March Against Monsanto


Friends at the Genetic Literacy project have decided it’s time we organize to counter the misinformation and fear-mongering that comes from March Against Monsanto. Please read the call to action and lend any support you can provide. It’s time the loudest voices come from those with the facts on their side.


Who Said It Best?

I am reminded of the man who was asked what plagiarism was. He said: “It is plagiarism when you take something out of a book and use it as your own. If you take it out of several books then it is research.”
Ralph Foss, 1932

I don’t consider myself a writer or a journalist. I barely even consider myself a blogger. No one has paid me for my thoughts on skepticism or science or the myriad other things I’m drawn to write about, but I’ve always tried to follow the same code as ethical journalists.

Unfortunately, integrity isn’t something that crosses most people’s minds these days. Everyone has to weigh in on everything. Ignorance is no longer an obstacle to overcome, nor is competence a prerequisite. Pick any topic and you’ll find dozens and dozens of opinions, perspectives, and variations on the facts. Google has made us all experts and that should’ve been a good thing. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Food Babe: A Response to the Response to the Criticisms of the Attacks on Food Science

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
– Not Mahatma Gandhi

Ahhh, Food Babe. Where do I even begin?

Until a couple months ago, I didn’t even know you even existed. I was content researching and correcting dubious health and nutrition claims without bothering to learn where they originated. That all changed in August Continue reading